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The first time Aud Rey appeared in the French musical scene, it was in 2018 with a single with eighties’ sounds, "Tu ne m'auras pas". The opportunity to discover an artist with the famous "extra soul" as Michel Berger would have said.

Aud Rey has known several lives but the need to reconnect with the artist she has always been, took over that year. She has been writing since the age of 12 and decided to devote herself to her absolute passion: music.

Comparison is not reason, but there is Zazie and Clara Luciani in Aud Rey. The first one for her charisma and the deepness of her texts, the second for her modernity, her joy of life and her punchlines of a fearsome effectiveness. There are also artists such as Jean-Jacques Goldman and Stromae in her musical pantheon. In her first EP, she covers “Tous les mêmes", validated by the maestro himself.

Aud Rey is a complete artist. She writes all her texts, co-composes her songs and directs her own videos. Among the artistic collaborations of this record, we find Paul Ecole (lyricist of Christophe Maé and Calogero, among others), Luuk Cox (Stromae, Loïc Nottet, Alice on the Roof...), Jim Bauer and Valentin & Clément Aubert (Christophe Maé, Sophie and the Giants...).

Aud Rey is the epitome of a fragile and touching voice that interprets songs with dark themes on a joyful and often dancing pop.

Aud Rey leaves nothing to chance. Even the tracks are placed logically because there is a common thread: "Combien de temps" tells about being locked up for a long time in a situation with no way out; "Le temps qui passe" speaks for itself, dreams pass as time goes by, so you have to do what you love before it's too late; "Mon destin" or how to take your life in hand to finally become happy. As a conclusion, "Le bonheur": let's reach happiness without fear or regret, without worrying about the past or the future.

If Aud Rey had to be described in two words they would be authentic and passionate. That's why in this EP, Combien de temps, she reveals herself without filter with introspective lyrics that she has managed to make universal.

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